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In celebration of launching our new Print Design Shop, we have created a FREE Spring/Summer 2024 Print Design Trend Forecast for you!

Visionise’s new Print Design shop, allows you to easily download ready-made prints or request custom-designed prints. We will continuously add new prints to stay in line with current trends, and if you have a unique idea that is not in the print design shop, we can custom-design to your specifications. To bring your print to life, we will assist in communicating your idea by providing you with a design description template. From there your designer can create your finished artwork ready for fabric printing as well as provide guidance on the process including the best printing methods for your design type, budget and more. More information on the printing process can be found in one of our previous blogs.

Print and pattern designs make everything that little bit brighter. From gift cards, wrapping paper, wallpaper (hello the 70s!), all the way through to bold and unique clothing designs. This Spring/Summer, we are seeing some of the boldest prints and pattern designs gracing runways and fashion house and we’re really excited to dive more into this.

It is vitally important to stay ahead of fashion trends in preparation for the seasons to come, we talk about this in most of our blogs. Once you know what the fashion trend for the coming season is going to be, it’s all about sourcing materials and developing style to deliver a season your customers will love!

Given the bold and colourful nature of Spring/Summer 2024’s print and pattern designs, we thought we’d help answer some key questions.

How to source print and pattern designs for your brand?

While some larger fashion brands have a dedicated in-house team to create print and pattern designs, this doesn’t mean they will always have the edge. You can certainly look towards these larger fashion houses for inspiration. However, one of our favourite parts of the fashion industry is the ability to bring together the varied expertise of designers within our Visionise team to help make your ideas a reality. You can select from ready-made patterns, or if you are unsure of what will work you can book in a consultation and discuss everything with an experienced Visionise designer.

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How to find exclusive print and pattern designs for your fashion brand?

While you want your fashion designs to be on point and in fashion, you also want to stay unique. This means having a solid understanding of your fashion brand’s philosophy, target customer and access to fabrics that are unique and one-of-a-kind. Once you have this clear vision your Visionise Designer will provide you with a handover document that will help you translate your vision for your designer to then create your print with. Don’t worry, your Visionise Designer will be there to assist you with any questions about the process and what is best for your brand. 
Once you have your print and your fabrics selected Visionise can help you by connecting you with the right clothing manufacturers, who can ensure the print and pattern designs you choose are showcased properly when your garments are created. With our team of experienced fashion designers and the newly launched print design shop, we’re so excited to bring some vibrant, unique and bold print and pattern designs directly to our customers.


Print Trend Forecast - Spring / Summer 24

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