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Fashion trends are sometimes a celebrated, and sometimes a denigrated, part of our society; a dichotomy indeed. Whether they are a fad, cyclical or ageless, fashion trends influence our culture and play a fundamental role in the visual expression of people, places, even entire eras.

This Spring/Summer, we are going to see vibrant, bold colours and florals!

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Visionise’s Top 3 Tips to Keep Your Fashion Designs Current

As fashion designers and owners of a fashion brand – even just as people passionate about the fashion industry – we are the trend setters, the creative visionaries behind fashion trends. We are the innovators who can push the boundaries of society’s perceived fashion don’ts and carve out a new fashion trend that our consumers don’t even realise they’re ready to accept.

While there can be an innate sense of fashion in some of us, when you are running a business, you want to play the odds in order to succeed. In combination with your instincts, there are ways you can stay on top of incoming fashion trends that are more reliable than conjecture.

Are you new to the industry?

Are you unsure how or where to access fashion trend information in advance of upcoming seasons?

If you answered yes to either of these, keep reading on…

Know Your Market to Know Your Fashion Trends

While it helps with some insight and inspiration, we cannot simply copy our compatriots in the Northern Hemisphere. One thing that is certain, fashion trends are always evolving. Spring/Summer in one country will never neatly match with the Spring/Summer fashion trends seen months earlier in another market.

While following international fashion trends can be a good way to stir your creativity, the different weather, lifestyles, demographics and cultures in each market mean you need to understand what is trending for your customers. Local fashion trends, from streetwear style to designer wear, can be vastly different from place to place. If you’re primary market is Australia, keep this in mind when researching incoming fashion trends.

Work with an Expert

Being able to see fashion trends before our customers are even aware themselves is a skill that is honed over many years. If you are a naturally fashion-forward person, this is an inherent skill not to be ignored. But it is very risky in business to make decisions in isolation of other research. Even the most experienced of fashion brands will seek expert advice from colleagues and business partners in order to confirm their own conclusions about what trends they see shaping an upcoming season.

Consume Fashion Media

This fashion trend tip probably won’t require a lot of convincing. The tried and true methods of buying fashion magazines and watching international fashion shows are still great ways to stay on top of fashion trends. So… what we’re trying to say is go ahead and buy that Vogue magazine and enjoy taking in all the beautiful clothes and designs. In the world of social media, you can also look to Influencers for an idea of what will be worn during the upcoming season. Look for Influencers who match your brand’s aesthetic and overall style to gain inspiration from these modern-day trendsetters.

Some trusted fashion media sources include:

TAGWALK | Première Vision

Spring/Summer 2024 is a really exciting season, with some vivacious and vibrant psychedelic prints, bold florals, laser cut-outs and more. Please enjoy our free e-book, which explores the fun fashion trends set to define S/S 2024.

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