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About us: meet the Director of Visionise Fashion Design and Manufacturing: Linda Bergskas
Linda Bergkas | Director of Visionise

How it all began

Our journey began in 2005 when Norwegian-born Linda, after moving to Australia to complete her University Degree, chose to stay and start her own fashion brand. Setting up a factory in Bali, she transformed her dream into reality. She opened a boutique in Australia with over 200 stockists including The Iconic, Barneys NY, and Kitson. Her collections were featured in Australian Fashion Week, Fashion TV, and magazines like Vogue and Elle, often seen worn by A-list celebrities.

After 9 years of living between Bali and Australia, Linda sold her brand to focus on her growing family. Linda was frequently approached by people in the fashion industry seeking her help with design, manufacturing, how to run a profitable clothing brand. With all the tools and knowledge she had accumulated from years in the industry, she decided to put them to good use. She wanted to help other brands create successful and sustainable platforms for their clothing brands and to prevent easily avoidable, yet common mistakes.


Visionise started with the original factory that Linda set up Bali for her own brand, but over the years we have also expanded our manufacturing partnerships across Indonesia, China, and India. Linda’s mission was to provide small brands with the same opportunities as large brands, and with focus on ethical production and sustainability. Fast forward a few more years, our design team in Australia has grown, and so has our services. We are proud to say that we have helped over 200 brands successfully launch and grow their clothing brands.

Speaking of our team…


We are a small but mighty team dedicated to bringing your fashion visions to life. Our incredibly talented Senior Design Team works diligently from our humble office in Newcastle, Australia. Our designers transform your ideas, screenshots, and scribbles into tangible designs and finished products. As a client, you will be appointed your own individual designer (no one likes being bounced around), but our team collaborates frequently, inspiring each other for the benefit of all the brands we work with.

Each member of our team has dabbled in their own brand in the past, whether in clothing, accessories, or home textiles. We’ve all learned expensive lessons, solved countless problems, and picked up valuable tips and tricks along the way. Having experienced the frustrations of running a brand ourselves, we are passionate about transparency, setting realistic expectations, and genuinely helping our clients succeed.


Chief Operating Officer
Overseeing all day to day operations at Visionise Kara is the person you will speak to when you first enquire with us. She will ensure you are placed with a designer suited to your needs and will be there throughout your development journey touching base as needed. Kara is passionate about ensuring the factories that we refer our clients to are indeed run ethically and nothing is slipping through the cracks. She is also going to touch base with you on marketing and budget along your development journey. In a nut shell Kara is involved in everything Visionise, but is not in the design process (unfortunately, she admits, she was not blessed with those artistic skills) With years of both domestic and international experience with fashion brands and account management, and our longest standing employee her expertise is invaluable to both our team and our clients.


Senior Designer
With over a decade of experience working in the Australian Fashion Industry, Ashlee has extensive knowledge in fashion design, garment construction and technical documentation. Ashlee has worked as both a teacher and designer in various fashion roles and brings her love for fashion and design to the table when working with her clients. With an eye for detail, Ashlee will work alongside you and help you conceptualise your ideas, source sustainable fabric options, develop print designs and bring your vision for your brand to life.


Senior Designer
With over 10+ years experience in design and product development, managing and collaborating with some of Australia’s leading fashion retailers, Rhaya has developed the knowledge and skills to design across multiple age groups and categories. She understands the importance of the design process, as well as having a good support network whilst managing your own business. In addition to her product development skills, she is highly motivated and passionate in ensuring all bases are covered before your launch, which includes assistance with other various design services such as storyboarding, range planning, and print design.


Senior Designer
Belinda has spent 15+ years in the Australian Fashion Industry refining a diverse skill set; from a foundation in branding, textiles, print and graphics to garment design, product development and manufacturing. She has worked with some of Australia’s best-known brands and celebrities to build collections for local and international markets across women’s, men’s and childrenswear. Passionate about sustainable practice and creating a better industry, she shares her skills in high quality, product development and branding to help you navigate the design process and build strong foundations for your brand.

Some Clothing Brands that we have had the pleasure of working with

We have helped over 200 clothing brands launch and sustainably grow, and we are proud to have been a part of their journey.

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