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Each factory and each product type requires slightly different sample types, lead times and cost pending the nature of the product and it’s complexity.
Specific terms for the factories will be provided to our clients once a quotation has been accepted.
Understanding the processes is essential in order to prepare handovers, timelines and set realistic expectations. 
​Factory lead times vary depending on material supplier availability and current production capacity. The variables of sample lead times mostly depend on the client’s preparation, complexity, number of styles, availability of material and trims, number of dyes and print and finally, the number of changes during sample stages.
The factories will provide general lead times, however, confirmed X-factory dates for sample and bulk production can only be provided once all handovers are confirmed and any outsourced suppliers have confirmed delivery dates, such as trims and treatment. 

It is always best to schedule the work with designers, manufactures and suppliers with plenty of notice. We always strive to move every process as fast as possible, however, rushed work is stressful for everyone involved and occurs increased risk of an undesirable result. Scheduling with reasonable timelines will ensure the process is enjoyable and no corners are cut in order to deliver a premium product. 

All work within the factory is carefully scheduled. Interruptions to a timeline that are not accounted for such as; the client making changes during the sample process, or unavailability of material or trim from supplies, will affect the scheduled timeline as the originally scheduled workers will then continue with other work until we can confirm the re-scheduled dates to continue. Therefore, always allow for additional time to your timelines.

Customers developing samples for the first time with a factory should always allow for about 1-2 additional months on top of the general lead times for the factory due to the unpredictability of a new project. ​

Lead times for samples will much depend on the fabric and trim availability. If sample yardage is not available to purchase, then the bulk fabric must be purchased during the sample stage in order to make final samples to approve for bulk production. If the fabric is to be knitted from scratch, then around 60 days must be allowed for fabric to be made. This will however reduce bulk production time.

BALI: 30 – 45 days for the first round of fit samples including lab dips and print strike–off, 10 days for revised samples and 20 – 40 days for Proto/SMS.

CHINA: 10 -14 days for the first round of fit samples including lab dips and print strike–off, 7-10 days for revised samples and 20 – 40 days for Proto/SMS.

INDIA: 19 days for the first round of fit samples including lab dips and print strike – off, 10 days for revised samples and 2 weeks for Proto/SMS
Bulk lead times start when all suppliers have confirmed stock and delivery times. It generally takes 5 -10 days after bulk order is placed to calculate consumption and confirm with suppliers. Once suppliers have confirmed, we can provide an X-factory date.

BALI: 90 days.

CHINA: 25 – 50 days.

We have created timeline charts to help to schedule all processes from: deign – sample stages – indent – bulk – and in-store delivery according to key selling months.
Keeping in mind a rushed project generally looks rushed, it is always better to bargain for extra time.
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