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Design &



Welcome to The Fashion Framework. Our comprehensive Design & Manufacturing package designed specifically with you in mind. One of our experienced Senior Designers will take you through the entire Development and Manufacturing process. You will recieve one-on-one mentoring, together with our unique online management system which will equip you with the tools to setup strong foundations for your fashion brand, with the opportunity to run your own show.

Bonus: Access to exclusive Members only Design and Business resources FREE access to our “Start your Fashion Brand” comprehensive PDF FREE access to our Customer Profile course Our entire step-by-step online management system

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If this is not your first rodeo, then our Manufacturing Platform is for you! Perhaps you’re an experienced designer or have worked through the design and manufacturing process before, then we can simply put you in touch with one of our trusted, ethical offshore manufacturers directly. Of course, we’re still here if you need us, but you’re confident in taking the reigns and dealing directly with the factory. 

Bonus: Our entire step-by-step online management system



We can assist with pretty much any part of your design, development and production process. We’d love to chat about your requirements, and are happy to help with as little or as much as you need.

We can help with:

  • Tech packs
  • Branding
  • Print design
  • Sample reports
  • Photo editing and ghosting
  • Design consultations
  • Budgeting and sales strategies
  • Marketing …and more!

If YOU have a dream to own and run your own Fashion Business…

WE have the training, tools and support to make it happen.

The Visionise team- helping sustainably grow clothing brands

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could take you through the entire Fashion Design, Sample and Manufacturing process?

✔️ You have actionable step-by-step tasks to bring your Fashion Brand to life.

✔️ Mentorship with one of our experienced Senior Fashion Designers.

✔️ Access to innovative and sustainable fabric options.

✔️ Process and Management systems to keep track of your timeline, so you can achieve the best possible launch date for your Brand.

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In between having an idea and launching your Fashion Brand is a roller coaster of emotions. Not to mention the practical side of sourcing fabrics, garment fitting, finding a reliable and ethical manufacturer... the list goes on.

  • You’re uncertain how much this will cost.
  • You’re up late researching for a reliable manufacturer you can trust and build a business relationship with.
  • You have sketches, photos, ideas, but no concrete plan how to communicate this to a manufacturer.
  • You want to have more of plan for your budget before committing.
We want you to know…
We have actionable processes &
years of Industry experience to help you build a



The Fashion Framework

Our comprehensive package with one-on-one brand mentorship and management of the design, development & production process. You will learn the key steps to plan, develop and launch your own conscious Fashion Brand. Here’s a little breakdown of what we’ll cover. We’ve broken it down into 3 steps to simplify the process.

Step 1 | Concept & Design

  • Your brand story
  • Your target market
  • Timeline expectations
  • Trade mark & IP resources
  • Design concept consultation & feedback
  • Our manufacturing partners
  • Sizing development
  • Range inspiration & development
  • Fabric sourcing
  • Product quotation
  • Profit margin budget and RRPs
  • Brand mentorship
  • Exclusive members resources
  • Online management system
  • Online business filing system
  • Business templates

Step 2 | Sample Development

  • Sample communcation management
  • Sample PO submission to chosen manufacturer
  • Sample progress tracking & updates
  • Sourcing & submitting PO for labelling & packaging
  • Sample feedback meeting
  • Sample resources & education
  • Profit margin budget & RRP updates

Step 3 | Bulk Production

  • Bulk Production communication management
  • Sample PO submission to chosen manufacturer
  • Sample progress tracking & updates
  • Size chart consultation
  • Bulk order preparation and PO submission
  • Tracking of final sample production and updates
  • Final sample feedback meeting
  • Bulk production communication and tracking
  • Quality control feedback
  • Logistics quotation

Here’s what you get when you sign up to

The Fashion Framework


Fashion Design &
Business Resources

+ Target market research templates
+ “Start a Fashion Brand Guide” our extensive PDF guide
+ Design tools & pantone library
+ Business plan templates
+ Tick boxes to check-off with important Business stuff


Range Budget
planning & feasibility

+ You will recieve a quotation from one of our
manufacturers. We’ll add in the overheads and landed
costs, so we can evaluate your target margins and RRP.
Numbers can be scary stuff, so we will break it down
with you and figure out your range feasibility.



+ Up to 4 x 1 hour coaching, mentorship, training calls. Where you get to ask your burning questions to one of our Senior Fashion Designers.
+ 1 hour budget meeting with our COO and budget Guru Kara.


Access to our
Visionise Fabric Library

+ We love fabric! Let us show you some great,
sustainable fabric options for your Fashion range! If we don’t have it in house, let us network with our extensive list of offshore suppliers to see what we can find.


Access to Reliable &
Ethical Manufacturers

+ We love our factories, and have worked with them for many years. We keep our manufacturing pool small so that we can ensure you work with quality, ethical and reliable factories.
+ Whether your business takes you to Bali, China or India, we’ll place you with the factory best suited to your requirements.


Step-by-Step Design &
Manufacturing process

+ Our Visionise Exclusive and tailored online timeline management system. We want you to know all the steps involved, so we can plan your range accordingly.

Your brand is as Individual as you are! So here’s what you can add if you needed it.

+ Tech Packs
+ Marketing
+ Samples
+ Web Development
+ Bulk Production
+ Print Design
+ Branding Design
+ Sample & Fit reports
+ Shipping


step 1


AUD $2750 incl gst

step 2*



AUD $1530 incl gst

step 3*

PP Sample
Bulk Prouction


AUD $1530 incl gst

Manufacturing Platform

Do you already have a Fashion Brand?

Perhaps you’re in the Industry and have the confidence and experience to communicate directly with one our our trusted Manufacturing partners.

If you’ve got the Industry tools and “know-how” but the missing piece of the puzzle is a reliable and ethical Manufacturer. Then our Manufacturing Platform is for you.

Important stuff:

+ You will be required to communicate directly with the factory, place your PO’s and manage
all areas of sample & production communication.

+ Once we receive your tech packs, we will provide you with information on the factory that we
think best suits your product type, fabrics, and business growth.

+ We’re still here if you need us, and you are welcome to book in a consultation with one of our
Senior Designers if or when required.


Our entire step-by-step online management system.


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Manufacturing Platform | what's included

  • Product Quotation
  • Suitable Factory Contract
  • Manufacturing agreement (terms of service)
  • Fabric Sourcing
  • Brand Resources
  • Critical Path Setup
  • Online Management System
  • Online File Saving System
  • Business Templates

Manufacturing Platform | What's not included

  • Tech packs
  • Print Design
  • Branding artwork
  • Sample Reports
  • Samples 
  • Bulk Product
  • Shipping
  • Marketing
  • Website Development
  • Design Consultation
  • Budget Consultation
  • Bulk Production Management

Join manufacturing platform

AUD $715 incl gst

Prefer someone to take you through the entire Fashion Design, Sample and Manufacturing process?

The Fashion Framework is our comprehensive package with one-on-one Brand Mentorship.You will learn the key steps to plan, develop and produce your own Conscious Brand

Design Services

Design Consultation

A design consultation is an invaluable discussion with one of our senior Designers and Project Managers that will give you clarity and confidence on how to move forward with your design idea. The cost of this consultation can also be deducted from the Fashion Framework should you decide to move forward with this package. 


design a new collection for clothing line using sustainable fabrics and custom prints
design background
A tech pack is a comprehensive document that serves as a blueprint for garment production, containing detailed specifications and instructions to guide manufacturers in creating a clothing item. A tech pack communicates all the necessary information and guidelines to ensure that the final product meets the designer's vision and quality standards.

Tech Pack Design

Sketches, screenshots, scribbles, mood boards, and off cuts, what do all of these things have in common? They are all a part of the design process. However, using these to communicate to a factory can get a bit messy. That is why a tech pack is such a worthwhile investment in the development of your product.

Your tech pack is the blueprint of your design, as well as the receipt of purchase for the product you have ordered. Once you have invested in your tech pack it is yours to keep, repeating styles in the future is now going to become a lot easier. We will customise your design quotation to suit your idea’s just request a quote below.



Print Design

A brand if often recognised by its distinctive prints, it is a part of your brands personality. Your prints can be simple and elegant, they can be loud, or they can be simple. 

You can request a quotation for your print design if you would like to create one, or pick from our stock prints in our shop.  If you are unsure about which print is best suited to your brand, or which print method is best,  book a design consultation and we would be happy to go over all of this with you. 



Surface – Yardage – Print   /   Design /   Embroidery design   /   Laser cutting design   /   Applique design   /   Hardware design

textile print design for clothing labels. Pastel floral, retro
floral textile print, blue and pastels, print design for fashion
Branding design fashion brand swing tickets neck label
coming soon

Branding Design

Branding is the DNA of your company, it is how you are remembered and recognised. It is also a way for your customer to align themselves with you, tone, style, and colour are all taken into account when creating branding.

Branding is important to consider at the beginning of your design development. We would be happy to help you with any branding questions you have, just let us know!



Logo   /   Branding /   Packaging   /   Swing ticket-labels   /   Lookbook   /   Web design including size chart & policies

Fabric Sourcing

Are you after sustainable, and natural fabrics, or just fabrics in general? Have you spent an inordinate amount of time googling and emailing random suppliers to find yourself in a similar position to where you started? 

We have the supply chain, we have the expertise. The teams that we work with both in Australia and offshore assist in getting our clients the fabrics that they have been dreaming of, whether it be from stock or even milling your own blend.

But there is a catch – unfortunately we can’t facilitate fabric sourcing on its own. This is a service that is done in conjunction with production so please keep this in mind. It can be production with your own factory or one of our preferred manufacturers, we just can’t do sourcing only.

FABRIC sourcing

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