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Designed to help build and sustain your dream fashion brand


Behind the Brand

Are you thinking about starting your own label but feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to begin?

The first step in launching your brand is setting strong foundations through meticulous research and strategic planning and we are so excited to be able to support you with this through our new online program ‘The Brand Mentorship’.

Whether starting from scratch or looking to elevate your established brand, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Having worked alongside over 200 successful start-ups as they launch into Australia, we can confidently say that having strong brand foundations in the early stages of your brand journey, along with a clearly defined vision and mission, marketing plan and pricing framework, is something that truly sets you up for success.

Offering step-by-step guides and templates to empower you in this crucial phase, work through the program at your own pace and know that we’ll be there holding your hand and available to help answer any burning questions you might have.

Get ready to set the stage for your fashion brand’s success and check out the Brand Mentorship Module 1 now available online!

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Are you ready to kick off your fashion business journey?

We have the resources & years of industry experience
to set you up for success - lets build your dream fashion business!

So... what is included?



Downloadable Templates

Marketing Mentor Session

Better understand your brands marketing strategy with our seasoned marketing strategist who specialises in fashion brands. In this one hour mentorship session, you’ll gain invaluable insights into navigating the dynamics of marketing your brand. From honing your brand’s unique voice to leveraging digital platforms effectively, our strategist will provide actionable strategies to elevate your brand’s presence and drive growth

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AUD $600 incl gst


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