Fashion Brand development

We help entrepreneurs with the Design, Development & Manufacturing of their Fashion Brands

Through mentorship, step-by-step systems and partnering with our ethical off-shore manufacturers

Are you ready to plan,
develop & produce your own
conscious brand or inventive product?

Welcome to Visionise

We are an Australian-based fashion design & manufacturing agency, here to help simplify the process of design development & production management. Growing your brand with transparency & ethics at the forefront.

Our team assists fashion brands with everything from design concept and development through to the finished bulk product, connecting you with ethical & sustainable manufacturers globally.


Our Services

Fashion Brand


Design & Production

Let’s work together to create your dream fashion business. Whether it’s design or manufacturing or both, you’re in the right place.


Ethical Manufacturing

Looking for a Manufacturer with transparent, quality and ethical standards? How start-ups and small brands can get same the opportunities and perks as big brands...


Courses & Resources

Rome wasn’t built in a day. We love that you are committed to doing your research and setting the foundations for your Fashion Brand. Take the tour of our extensive resources!

Get Inspired



Simplifying the process of design development, production management and sustainability.
Growing your brand with transparency and ethics at the forefront.

We know the best place to start is at the beginning.

That’s why we developed “Behind The Brand”, our very first interactive online Module to get your creative juices flowing and best understand your market

If you’re thinking of developing your own fashion business, or have just started on your
fashion journey, establishing your why and setting realistic expectations from the start, then this is for you.

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