Sample and Manufacturing

Connecting fashion brands with ethical manufacturers

Manufacturers that are ethically operated and conscious of environmental impact

Sample and Manufacturing

Visionise connects fashion brands to Manufacturers that respect workers’ rights and pay decent salaries which means: no child labour, no forced labour, safe & healthy working conditions, reasonable working hours, no union, ethical manufacturing!

We believe in full transparency in the sample and production process in order to ensure the product is ethically produced, therefore, our Clients have full access to the manufacturer that they are working with.

A large part of sustainable production is in the materials that Clients choose to work with. With increased demand and our extensive global network of suppliers and fabrics mills, we are able to provide a wide variety of sustainable options for our Clients.

With the support of Visionse’s long-term relationships with the Manufacturers, and with the help of our streamlined systems, our Clients have the opportunity to move through the typically risky and complex development and production process knowing we have their back to meet all production goals.

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Reasons to produce in different countries

Why produce in Bali?
Why produce in China?
Why produce in India?

Product types

We can produce most categories of clothing and textile products. The manufacturers that we connect our Clients to are carefully selected to suit their product type.

Ethical & sustainable manufacturing

Visionise carefully monitors that the manufacturers we connect our clients with are ethically operated and conscious of environmental impact.


  • Training workers in environment protection
  • Plastic-free options for all packaging & trims
  • Ecological waste management systems and environmental protection policy
  • Water, noise and air emission consumption regulations
  • Registration with local environment department for the environmental impact of its business activity
  • Sustainable natural or recycled material along with ECO-friendly dyes used


  • BSCI certification
  • SA800 certification
  • SMETA certification
  • GOTS certification
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Quality fabric QC check
fashion designs


The quality of your garment is vital in order for your fashion label to ensure it is sustainable and holds its value. We want to help our clients create quality pieces that last. Our team assist in this by creating checkpoints to ensure the proper testing is done prior to bulk production being sent, as well as in the sample process.

  • Assistance with designing to a feasible production plan.
  • Extensive fabric sourcing & selection.
  • Detailed tech packs.
  • In-depth sample reports.
  • 3rd party QC.
  • Factory transparency.
  • Connecting you with factories that utilise both revolutionary machinery as well as handmade intricacies when required.
  • Connecting you with factories that are professional & experienced in the product type you are creating.
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3D Sampling

5 reasons why 3d sampling should be used:
  1. Reduce waste and carbon. An average of USD7-8 billion is spent on physical samples in the apparel industry every year!
  2. Improve the overall design and technical efficiency. Review and edit your virtual sample to see instant results fitted on custom-sized models before you make your physical garment.
  3. Say goodbye to time-consuming dress forms and multiple size set and fit samples.
  4. Reduce overall development time and cost.
  5. Speed up your time-to-market anywhere in the world without shipping initial physical samples around.

Digital Pattern making

Digital pattern making is the creation of your garment pattern without using physical materials and the manual process of cutting the patterns. This will save on time and is a more sustainable option for pattern making. It is not necessary for all garment types, often best for complex styles or if you would like to reduce the number of samples created offshore.


The majority of manufactures will grade your garment with a 50mm grade, however if you would like to custom grade your designs then you will have to work with a designer to have your patterns graded as requested.​
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