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Over our years of working with brands and entrepreneurs in our field, we have come across some questions that are pretty consistent. So, to save you trying to figure it all out yourself we have put together some quick and easy answers to some of these burning questions. Have a read through and book in a discovery call if you still need to ask more!

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Your brand is as individual as you are, there are so many elements that can alter the cost of starting a fashion brand, however that’s not a helpful answer! Therefore, we have worked out an average to gauge from. Once we have more information about your unique business, we can work out a more exact cost, budget and profit margin for you.

For a small start-up collection of about 6 styles, we usually say to expect a minimum of about USD 20 000 in bulk production costs. Then a minimum of AUD 12 000 for start- up cost such as design, sampling, branding, website, marketing, and anything else your brand may need in order to launch. Many of these cost will not be re-occurring with ongoing collections.

Let’s be honest, numbers kills creative juices! But we can’t ignore the importance of budgeting because we don’t want our clients investing in development without a carefully planned budget, we want to see their long terms success! Therefore, we assist with pricing and budgeting through the Fashion Framework services to help ensure our client have made carefully calculated decisions.

We certainly do! All we need from you to quote your product is a tech pack. If you don’t have a tech pack that is ok, we can create one for you. Visit our Design Services page to get started.

Having quality clothing tech packs is the first important step toward streamlining your design, sample and production process.

Your tech pack is the core of your product development because Manufacturers will refer to your tech pack and extract information through the entire sample and bulk production stages.

A tech pack consist of technical CAD drawings along with measurements, sizing information, labelling and packaging artworks and placements, bill of material and all maker instructions which provides the Manufactures with the information required for them to interpret your style.

Based on this information, the Manufacturer can quote the garment’s cost, determine the MOQ, create the pattern, order materials, sample and produce the garment. Tech packs are also referred to in quality control, and it is also your proof of purchase along with your product sample that matches your tech pack.

The tech packs will be updated through the sample process as amendments are made until finished sample is approved to bulk production. It’s important to have high quality tech packs that are precise and easy to understand by the Manufacturer in order to reduce wasting time and costs in the development stage. If you need help with your tech packs, please visit our Design Services page.

 Yes, that is fine! Please keep in mind it is important to have high quality tech packs and fit reports to avoid issues in sampling and bulk production. If you don’t have experience in offshore production, we recommended working with one of our designers to complete these steps. 

If your tech packs do not include accurate and sufficient information it is more likely to then lose time and money in the sample process because incorrect product might be made. 

Tech pack template can be purchased here: Shop

Unfortunately, we don’t. Manufacturers run at a loss in the sample stage with all of the back and forth of getting the sample correct. They do this in order to build the relationship with your brand and secure bulk production. If you move into sampling with the Manufacturers we connect you to, you must have bulk intention. 

Lead times vary depending on the factory and the fabric availability. Once we have a better idea of your styles, we will be able to provide you with an estimate for sample + bulk lead times. On average it usually takes 4 weeks for sampling, and 45 days for bulk production. 

The short answer is:

50 pieces per style per colourway.

The long answer is:

It deepens on your product type, fabrics and trim’s used and dying or printing required. This all effects what machinery is needed and their efficiency in doing small batch orders. Suppliers, printers and dye-houses may also have MOQ’s requirements for certain methods. It is common to think that producing small quantities is the easiest way to reduce cost and risk, however, there is going to be a certain amount of fixed cost such as development and marketing that are there regardless of how much you produce, therefore, the smaller the QTY, the more each product will eat up your margin. In addition, when doing low MOW production, the cost of your material and finished product is higher.

The quantities ordered (by style and colour) generally make a fairly large difference in price, this is mostly because:

  • MOQ’s (minimum order quantities) from fabric suppliers. If your order don’t meet their MOQ’s, there will usually be up-charges to split the material.
  • process of production is more efficient when making multiples of
    the same style using the same material as opposed to changing style
    and fabrics because the process of changing machine set up and
    fabrics can be time-consuming.
  • The development and sampling process is costly and time-consuming
    for the manufacturer, they rely on bulk orders to compensate it, so the
    larger the order, the more profitable for them, hence the prices and can
    be reduced.

Feeling overwhelmed already? Well it is…there are so many ways to go about production,
navigating this takes many years of experience. We won’t want to wreck dreams by sharing this
information, but we do want to paint the real picture. There is no secret that going this alone
without experience is a big, complicated risk…that’s why we are here to lessen the risk and make
it all a lot more strait forward and enjoyable. Once we know your idea, we will help finding the
most realistic soliton to achieve your end goal within budget.

Yes we do! We believe in transparency in the production process. As a brand you should be aware of where your product is being made and have the opportunity to go to the factory. Once you have confirmed to move into sampling we provide you with full factory details. 

+ We will not recommend a factory to a client if we do not think they can successfully create the product as required.

+ We keep our pool of manufacturers small so that we can concentrate on quality, ethics and trust.  

+ Before we set a client up with factory, we to provide an estimated quotation, so that they are fully aware of future costs, prior to committing to development and production.


We will provide you with a quotation for a factory that we consider best suited to your product type. Occasionally we provide quotation from 2 factories if there are options to weigh up.

You are welcome to book a consultation with one of our Senior Designers who can help with these queries.
Sample reports can be quite complex to complete. We recommend that they only be completed by you if you have experience in technical fashion and construction.
You are welcome to purchase our Sample Report Manual which will take you through the entire process of completing a fit report, or we can quote to complete your fit reports for you.  If you have this knowledge and would like to attempt your own sample report to save on costs we have created a manual for you to work off of – Sample Report Manual

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