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Visionise branding packs for fashion brands


It is often believed that you need your finalised fashion designs and physical product in order to promote your fashion brand. Maybe this was true years ago, when brick and mortar shops fronts still reigned supreme ,when your shopfront needed to be stocked, signage complete and staff hired in order to get started. In today’s digital age, you can promote your fashion brand much earlier and without all of the big overheads!

Before You Have Samples

You can begin gaining brand awareness and gauge consumer interest by creating social media pages for your fashion brand. In this early stage, you can also look to build a website for your fashion brand but this is not absolutely necessary in these early days. If you understand the general brand philosophy and what you plan to offer, you can run small social media ad campaigns to gain followers and have people register their interest in knowing when your fashion brand does launch.

You can also start to post on your social media pages, teasers such as your brand’s logo or some initial design sketches. If you don’t have a logo or brand kit yet, Visionise can help with this. Branding is the DNA of your company, it is how you are remembered and recognised. It is also a way in which your customer aligns themselves with your fashion brand; elements like tone, style and colour are all taken into account for your branding.

Once You Have Samples

You don’t need to wait for your finalised fashion designs to promote your fashion brand. Once you have some samples back from the manufacturer, you can get creative by taking some flat lay or lifestyle photos. With today’s modern technology, you can take high quality images on your own mobile phone. These can be used to give your existing social media following a first look at your fashion pieces and build momentum for your fashion brand’s launch.

To get the most out of these images, Visionise can help you take these assets to the next level. We recommend retouching a couple of images for each style in your collection, so you can present your brand in the most professional and aesthetically appealing way.

Visionise image retouching services brochure
Our services include:
  • Colour retouching
  • Changing/ adding garment colourway
  • Placement/ artwork resizing
  • Adding logos or artwork to a garment
  • Adjusting garment fit to better reflect your finished design

Once You Have the Final Product

Having a great idea and beautiful fashion designs are only half the battle when it comes to building a successful fashion business. In today’s world, competition is tighter than ever, with many fashion brands competing for a piece of the retail pie online.

Once you are ready to launch, it is important to have a strong digital marketing strategy and the money to invest in this, in order to succeed. You need to let consumers know who you are, what you sell and how to buy your product (usually through your ecommerce store/website). There are a variety of ways you can advertise your fashion brand, with some of the most popular including Google’s Shopping Network and Meta’s Commerce platform (the Facebook and Instagram Shop).

If you have never run your own digital marketing campaigns before, it is best to work with an experienced digital marketing to promote your fashion brand. If you can effectively communicate your business vision and allocate a healthy budget towards advertising your fashion brand, they can advise you on the best ways to achieve your sales goals. Digital marketing is a long-term investment, with many campaigns requiring at least 3 months to truly see the outcomes.

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