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  • How can we help you move into a more sustainable fashion environment?

How can we help you move into a more sustainable fashion environment?

How can we help you move into a more sustainable fashion environment?

Transparency + partnership + impact


Visionise was created when company director Linda kept getting approached by clients to help them source and manage production for their own brands. After years of running her own successful brand and establishing her very first manufacturing partnership in Bali for years, her new clients and friends knew her business values and requested her help to move into a more sustainable fashion environment. The term ‘ETHICAL & SUSTAINABLE’ manufacturing gets thrown around a lot these days but it is our main focus to introduce our clients to an environment where they can make a positive impact on the the industry and for their customer. Our team personally visits the factories we have partnered with as well as monitors all certifications to ensure we are setting clients up with factory partners that they can grow with in the sustainable sector. We are totally transparent about factory information and encourage all of our clients to visit their manufacturers themselves too. We are here to here to help all small or large fashion labels to create a product that could positively affect their consumer and leave a little bit less of a footprint.


We provide full transparency of the manufacturers our clients are work with, in fact we encourage our clients to visit the factories and build their relationship because this is vital with offshore production.

Our clients receive all supplier invoices as well as the opportunity to deal directly with the manufacturing team. Visionise will still be here if you need us and we will still handle admin but if you feel you can manage the project on your own you are free to do so.


We can’t guarantee its going to be smooth sailing, starting up a business or if you are established starting up a relationship with an offshore manufacturer takes time and is a delicate dance.

There may be delays in timelines, fabrics unavailable, amongst other standard issues you would run into. Visionise is here to help minimise this and create a realistic expectation for your production process. We do not control the factory timelines but we work very closely with them on our project management systems to keep things on track.


Design, sourcing, project management, sampling, branding, packaging, and bulk production. Lets us know what you need and we can give you all of the necessary information on how to move forward with us.

We want all of our clients to be more than prepared for what is to come, we are happy to arrange quotes if you can provide tech packs or we can create these for you.

Our team are all here for the same reason, to have a positive impact on an industry that needs it!

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