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creating a brand size chart with Visionise

What is a size chart and why it matters for your brand

Why Your Size Chart Matters

Create brand size chart

When creating your brand size chart, there are two main charts you need to consider:

What measurements are included in a size chart?

How to create a size chart for your brand

If you’re using reference samples for the fit of your styles

If you’re engaging with a pattern maker:

A step-by-step guide on how to take body measurements for your size chart

  1. Ensure your measuring tape is taught and not tight or too loose when measuring
  2. Always check the measuring tape you will be using for accuracy, as zero doesn’t always start right at the edge of the measuring tape.
  3. Always measure from the top of the body and work your way down, this way you don’t leave out any key measurements.
  4. Maintain a relaxed posture during the process
  5. Always take each measurement twice, they should be within 0.5cm of each other
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