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How to Start An Activewear Brand: The Ultimate Guide

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Why start an activewear brand?

How much does it cost to start an activewear brand?

What Are Customisable Activewear Designs?

blanks activewear - white label customisable collection.

What are the benefits of using customisable activewear designs? 

Quality Assurance
Ease of Customisation

How to start an activewear brand

Step 1: Research and Plan
  • Market Research: Identify your target market and understand their preferences and needs.
  • Brand Identity: Define your brand’s mission, vision, and unique selling points.
Step 2: Design Your Collection
  • Concept Development: Create mood boards and sketches for your designs.
  • Customisation: Use Visionise’s customisable designs to bring your ideas to life with custom prints, colours, and logos.
Step 3: Source and Produce
  • Select Designs: Choose from Visionise’s range of customisable activewear designs.
  • Customisation Process: Work with Visionise to apply your designs to the selected pieces.
  • Quality Control: Ensure each piece meets your brand’s quality standards.
Step 4: Launch and Market
  • Branding: Develop a strong brand identity with a logo, website, and social media presence.
  • Marketing Strategy: Use social media, influencer partnerships, and online advertising to promote your activewear line.
  • Sales Channels: Set up an online store and consider other sales channels like pop-up shops or collaborations with retailers.
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