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Case Study: Empowering Taylor’s Swimwear Vision with Visionise

At Visionise, we love to partner with brands who dare to dream beyond conventional boundaries and have found their point of difference. Taylor, the director & founder of Minimaa, came to us with her ideas so she could gain our expertise in bringing her swimwear ideas to life. This case study delves into our journey with Taylor, highlighting the challenges encountered, the remarkable achievements attained, and how Visionise played a pivotal role in the success of Minimaa who are now in development for their 7th Range.

Design Development

Our journey with Taylor started in early 2021. Taylor, who has no formal background in design or fashion, came to us with an idea for a swim brand that suited her niche market. She identified a critical void in the swimwear market, envisioning designs that she wanted to wear but couldn’t find. This is where her Visionise Design & Production manager, Ashlee came in. Ashlee helped bring Taylor’s sketches and design inspirations into tangible fashion design concepts that could be used to communicate with potential manufacturers.

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Trials & Speed Bumps

Taylor knew what she wanted but also had a very realistic expectation of the sample & production process. When a style worked on paper, but not in sampling, she didn’t push against the process. Rather, she worked with her designer in thinking outside the box to solve what would work, whilst keeping true to the integrity of her product. The trust between designer & client has really shone for this brand, and it has resulted in time lines being met, quality products being made and a beautiful brand flourishing.

The most significant challenge throughout the process was locating a factory that had ethical values and could be trusted. After speaking with several options, Taylor hesitated to make a commitment without a pre-existing relationship. However, when she discovered Visionise, she was reassured by our commitment to suggesting factories that we had established, transparent relationships with.

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Big & Small Wins

Minimaa is now in development for its 7th season, with a range of ready to wear, swimwear, and some new and exciting things on the horizon. While not every idea or style resulted in immediate success, Minimaa’s most remarkable achievement is building a thriving swimwear business within two years of launching, all whilst being under 25 years old! 

The Recipe for Success

Minimaa has carefully balanced that concept of a product being only half of the equation—effective marketing is equally as important. Keeping the development, sampling & production process streamlined and in one place has also proven its success for this brand. The trust in design with Visionise, and the trust in quality with the Visionise referred factory being vital for success.

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How Visionise Contributed

Visionise’s partnership with Minimaa was built on trust and collaboration. It has been such a fun journey so far and we absolutely love it when Taylor comes into the office with her new range ideas. Stepping outside the box, always being innovative and making her stamp on the swim industry. Nothing about this brand is cut & paste! Our collaboration included:

  • Design Development: Working closely with Taylor to refine her designs.
  • Sourcing: Identifying the ideal fabrics, trims and suppliers.
  • Tech Pack Design: Crafting comprehensive technical specifications for production.
  • Sampling and Fit Meetings: Ensuring the impeccable quality and fit of the final products.
  • Communication with the Factory: Serving as the bridge between Taylor and the manufacturing process.

Additionally, we provided guidance on establishing Taylor’s range costs, including landed costs. As well as insights into optimal profit margins and recommended retail prices (RRPs). This data empowered Taylor to approach the sample process with a clear understanding of her estimated costs, enabling her to proactively manage her business’s cash flow.


Visionise takes immense pride in our role as enablers of creativity, innovation, and collaboration in the fashion world. Our partnership with Minimaa shows that it is possible to transform bold ideas into actionable concepts and, ultimately, into thriving fashion businesses. Taylor’s unwavering commitment to her vision, coupled with our expertise, fuelled the creation of a beautiful swimwear line and successful sustainable fashion brand.

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