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Streamline your design, development & production process

Fashion Project Packages designed to suit your brands’ needs

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3 Step Fashion
Project Package


Suitable for start-ups, as well as established businesses, or even experienced designers who do not have the in-house capacity to manage the entire process from concept to finished product.

The fashion project packages are designed to provide the essential assistance and tools required in order to streamline the design, development & manufacturing process. Additional services can be added as needed, and any part of the process can be managed by the Client independently and directly with the Manufacturers once ready.

The steps are purchased independently which means you are not locked into moving ahead with ongoing steps if you do not require them.

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Fashion project packages can be customised to suit your brands’ requirements.​ Any design service that is not listed as an inclusion in the package will need to be invoiced separately on a need basis.

3 Step Fashion Project Package Inclusions

Step 01

Concept & Design

Set up & Resources​   /   Initial Consultation​   /   Timeline & critical path​   /   Design concept​   /   Launch & marketing meeting​   /   Sourcing & design development​   /   Design handover   /   Handover for quotation & sampling   /  Quotation & collection budget meeting

What's included

Step 02

Development & Sampling

Fit sample report meeting   /  Labelling & packaging order   /    SMS sample report meeting   /  Final costing & budget meeting

What's included

Step 03

Bulk Production

Pp sample order   /   Pp sample report meeting   /  Size chart consultation / Bulk order preparation & submission   /  Confirm order with suppliers and makers   /   Bulk production tracking & reporting   /  Prepare for export & logistics

What's included

Manufacturing Platform

Suitable for established fashion brands or experienced fashion designers with the ability to manage development and production processes in-house. You will be provided direct access to a suitable manufacturer for your product type. In addition, you will have access to a wealth of management and business resources to help you sustainably grow your fashion brand.  Visionise will be at your service for any additional design, consulting or management assistance on request. 

Additional services available

Fashion Design   /  Tech Packs / Graphic design  /  Print Design /  Production Management   /   Pattern Making  / Website Development   /   Marketing Mentoring /   SEO   /   Budget & Pricing strategy  / Wholesale Strategy / 

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