Fashion Marketing program

Marketing your fashion label from launch to growth

Smart marketing is not about chasing customers, it’s about attracting them

Our fashion marketing program workshops have been created to be tailored to your brand’s needs. We are often asked questions about how to launch, what to post about on social media, how to build a database, how to grow your business, or should you go on sale? So, we decided the best way to prepare you for marketing your business is to create relevant topical workshops that are tailored to your fashion brand’s needs and positioning in the industry.

Workshop 1

Finding your customer

This is what you should be doing with your marketing while waiting for your product samples to arrive.


Brand: Define your brand and create the story you want your fashion label to represent.

Key messaging: Why should customers choose you over your competition; USP – Unique Selling Purpose; What you are doing all of this for?

Target audience: Understand the difference between target audience, target market and buyer persona. We will identify your target audience and discuss strategies to reach them.

Buyer persona: Define your buyer persona; Create 2-3 buyer persona’s; Create a negative buyer persona.

Price: AUD $250+gst
Fashion Marketing Program
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Online marketing
Workshop 2

Create your marketing plan

How to map out a growth marketing plan for your business to have more clarity, focus and direction!


How to map out a two-page 90-day marketing plan designed to give you direction and keep you focused on growing your business. The two-page marketing plan outlines strategic steps and keeps you in check for moving forward.

This fashion marketing program plan provides direction for working on your business rather than just in your business. Working in your business is working on the day-to-day tasks. Working on your business is strategy and growth. Working in your business can become very consuming and over time reduces the potential for your business to grow beyond the time you have to work in your business. This plan is a road map that outlines your business’s directional growth for the next 3, 6, and 12 months. 

Price: AUD $185+gst
Workshop 3

Socal media marketing strategies

How to create a marketing strategy for social media content.


How to use social media as a strategic marketing and communication tool, by designing and implementing a social media marketing strategy that is tailored to your organisation and delivers measurable conversions that can guide you to target the right audience.

We will discuss how digital marketing works and social media’s role within the digital space – how to establish your online social brand identity to create trust, credibility, and inbound opportunities. Content for your posts and conversions. How social media marketing funnels work and how to create traffic through organic and paid social media marketing. As well as understanding conversions, including retargeting and remarketing to existing prospects.

Price: AUD $185+gst
Fashion Marketing Program
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Workshop 4

Website conversions & sales

Want to know how you can increase your website conversions?


Your website conversion rate, navigation and user experience on your website, SEO, marketing integration and how you can increase your website conversions. We will discuss your 3 website business challenges right and top 3 marketing goals and tailor a plan for your website to achieve an increase in your conversion rate to revenue.

Price: AUD $185+gst
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