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We support anyone with fashion designer aspirations even though you have no industry experience. Choosing an established design house can take your products to the next level

Why You Should Use a Visionise Fashion Designer

At Visionise, we can provide you with an exceptional team of project managers and senior fashion designers to work on your upcoming collections. We can assist you with developing and designing the entire concept of your design from start to completed design files ready for sample and production. In addition, we have all the necessary contacts to refer you to and help manage global sustainable and ethical manufacturers and suppliers. We run our offices out of Australia, and our doors are open for in-person visits from our clients and online consultations.

What You Can Expect from Fashion Agencies

Our fashion design agency can help you design and bring to life the ideas that you have been struggling to get onto paper. Our designers can help you make your concept become a reality.

  • At Visionise, our team has years of industry experience and has launched hundreds of fashion lines through the years. With this experience, we ensure to produce only the highest quality work for all our clients.
  • Our company can work with several company categories to focus and drive the project home whatever your designing features. In addition, we can work with different personalities and teams to make sure your projects are met by the deadline and exceed expectations.
  • Our highly motivated team is quick and efficient with designs and ideas. We will help finetune your ideas and add some more to the table. Let us assist you and deliver fantastic work to open doors for your business and a stable pace.

Benefits Of a Fashion Designer in Australia

Our fashion agency ensures that the branding design skyrockets with the best project managers and designers without the overhands of in-house staff. Our team works tirelessly to make sure every bit of your project is perfect before delivering the final product. We work hand in hand with all clients and ensure we apply all feedback using efficient and user-friendly communication systems.

With our international fashion design and production project management experience, we can assist you with your entire concept from start to finish.
We stay up to date with all the latest fashion trends and industry news to ensure all the tips and tricks we apply to your product is new and in style. We research the production feasibility for the design idea prided by the fashion designer and calculate the cost and budget to ensure the product is sellable according to where it is sitting in the market place.
When you hire any service, including ours, the best thing you can ask for is consistency. We are completely transparent with everything relating to your project. We are here to design and manage your project and will do it with trust and loyalty.

Things You Can Learn From a Fashion Designer

Our fashion design company in Australia won’t just take your ideas to get the job done, leaving you gaping and in the dark. Instead, we will take you through the entire process from design, development and bulk production with transparency, showing you the ropes of how to manage every step efficiently and successfully. We’re here to help you grow your fashion brand. How much help you need is up to you, and we are an extension of your team without the overheads.
  • Your Visionise fashion designer can assist with trend analysis, range planning, fabric sourcing, grading, patterns, specifications, all final garment and branding design files, fit reports, and the most challenging part: designing to the production facility, market demand and according to a budget.
  • We will supply user-friendly design templates that prompt you to provide all the information required for the designer to understand your idea, digitise your designs, and create your tech packs ready for sampling. During consultations with your dedicated designer, you will get expert help making hard design decisions to refine your design and maker details, including shapes, fabrics, trims, size range, colours, prints, content care, packaging, branding, and placements.
  • In most cases, we require a reference sample to minimise guess-making when creating specs and patterns. A reference sample does not need to be identical to your design idea, just to include some of the main measurements or constructions.
  • Once your tech packs are ready, you will receive a product quotation from the recommended factory suitable for your product type. We can calculate how much the whole collection project will cost, including design and development, sample, bulk production, import cost, wholesale and retail selling prices, and most importantly, your net profit!
  • Once the garment bulk prices work with the budget and selling prices, you can approve the next sampling stage.
  • During the sampling process, which consists of several different samples types, you will need to submit sample reports with approvals and corrections. Your Visionise designer will assist with the entire sample process and provide the appropriate templates, instructions, and guidance needed to ensure no important information is left out. We’ll communicate precisely to avoid misunderstandings from makers.
  • Quality testing is also an essential part of the sample and development process. You should test samples before approving them to avoid quality issues before signing off to bulk. We can assist with the templates, instructions and guidance to do your internal quality control and arrange external quality control, including inspectors visiting the factories both during the sample and bulk production process.
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What Sets Us Apart as an Australian Fashion Design Agency

With the Visionise Project management system, you will access valuable templates and resources that will save you hours of work and minimise mistakes. You will have a go-to dedicated designer and project manager. They will set up your project with a user-friendly app to easily track your project tasks and status set up with timelines according to your project. Here you can communicate efficiently with our team within one platform to streamline your entire design and development process.

  • The Visionise Project Packages could be considered a crash course in how to start a fashion brand from scratch, or how to grow your existing fashion brand, except you don’t only end up with a certificate at the end of the project, there ward is your business, yours to keep!
  • Compared to most courses, or the cost of recruiting in-house professional staff, or doing it all yourself when you’re not equipped to do it all, the Project Packages cost will save you money and make the challenging journey less stressful and more fun!
  • Once we have shown you the ropes of communicating your design and managing their development and production, you may continue our assistance on a need basis.

We believe in full transparency in the sample and production process to ensure the product is ethically produced. Therefore, our clients have full access to the manufacturer with whom they are working.

Our Tech Packs

Tech packs are essential for the sample and production process and cutting corners on tech packs is likely to be a fatal mistake.

      • The makers require these instructions to interpret your design idea and turn it into a product. A tech pack consist of several pages of technical CAD drawings, measurements, sewing and finishing instructions. All details to complete the garment, including fabrication, trims, colour, branding, content care, packaging and size range, needs to be included, and each design requires its own tech pack.
      • Our Senior Designers will create tech packs of the highest standards to ensure the manufacturers can easily understand them. The packs are also your ‘proof of purchase’, and we will refer to it in your bulk production and quality control process, so the tech pack must be correct.
      • The finer details may be the big part of what makes your fashion label unique and exclusive. We will help you develop unique trims and print designs, applique design, embroidery, laser cutting and even customise trims and hardware.
      • As a fashion Brand, your branding material is more important than most business types because your product type is heavily design-based, and the branding must reflect that too. The branding represents the style, price group, exclusivity, Nationality, age group, target market and the lifestyle around your fashion label. The branding speaks for your label when you are not there.
      • Branding material for fashion labels have many criteria, such as how your logo will work in large and small format on items such as neck labels. Also, how well it will look on different colour backgrounds, how it will stand out when placed amongst other logos, whether it’s easy to remember, timeless and how it works in different languages, to mention a few.
      • Our designers are experienced in both graphic and fashion design. They will assist you in developing logos and branding material with the physical garment in mind and the production of the branding materials, including material choice, placement, and attachment. The branding design may include, but is not limited to: Logo, neck labels, pips and swing tickets, content care, heat-press, print/yardage design, packaging, promotional material and look books.


About Visionise

Our company is more than an employer; we are an organism seeking greener pastures to sustainably move towards the future and ensure our next generation will have a home. Although the company is young, we strive for excellence through our services. We simplify the process of design, development and production management for fashion brands. Our senior designers are highly experienced in the fashion industry with a keen eye for detail, problem-solving, and creating high quality garments.

Contact us now, and join the community of conscious fashion enthusiasts at Visionise.

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