X6 Complex Tech Pack Packages


– Black / White CAD Sketch
– Rendered CAD Sketch inclusive of 3 colourways
– Bill of Materials (BOM)
– Fabric, Pantone / Print
– Make & Construction
– Trims  & Accessories
– Labelling & Packaging
– Specification Sheet measurements (Grading not inclusive)
– x1 Hour communication with the designer

NOTE: You will need to complete a Design Handover Document in order for the design job to begin, please download this HERE

Additional services as requested:
Fabric sourcing
Branding layout
Print design
Logo design

How do I determine if my tech pack is going to be basic, intermediate or complex?
This is determined by your designer, the complexity of your design reflects how long the job will take.
– Why do I have to provide a design handover?
The handover is used by your designer to figure out what is required for your tech pack. Without this we don’t know exactly what is needed for your designs.
Can I get a customized Design Package?
Of course! We can create a design package suited to your brand as you need. Please get in touch HERE
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