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It’s not only the best product that is the best seller, it is the best brand image!
So, let us create some clearly targeted branding for you, targeted at your specific audience, and make sure your product gets in the hands of the people who desire it most!
Your brand speaks for you and your company even when you are not there. It represents you. If it is a great brand, the benefits are amazing, however if you have a weak brand it can work against you.


Branding is so much more than just a ‘logo’. A good branding designer understands your company culture (through various exercises, briefing, brand strategising, brand positioning etc) and will create a cohesive brand language that speaks for your company even when you are not there. This is essential for increasing the perceived value of your products and/or services.


Higher perceived value, more brand recognition, brand loyalty = more sales.
Our team combine specialised skills to create branding and graphics specifically for the fashion Industry. We are dedicated to help you visually project the best, most professional, unique and relevant image of yourself to your clients. We use effective and specially developed methods to establish your company’s personality and point of difference.
We can create all of your design and marketing needs. Get in touch and we can come up with a deal that will simplify your process and save you money!


To get the process started, we would need a design brief completed by you in order to provide a quote and also to get you started to think about all that needs to be considered into the most important graphic associated with you business of the rest of it’s life!


Below are some starting points to help prepare your brief and register your business name + trademark if you have not done this yet.


Ask yourself these questions:
• What is your vision?
• What do you want your designs to say about your brand?
• What is your style?
• Who is your target market? Be very specific. To be successful, you will sometimes have to adjust your designs to fit your market demand.
• What will be the price range of your garments?
• What will your clothing line add to the market? Is your line marketable?
• Whom are your competitors?


Find Your Niche
You need to find your niche to stand out from the crowd. Focus on one area of fashion, be specific about your style and product selection, and then limit the number of items in your collection. Once you establish your brand, you can diversify and expand your line.
Name Your Line and Create a Logo
The vision for your designs and your business should help inspire your name. Think about your target clientele. Be creative, but try not to be too obscure.


Use this checklist:
• Is it legible? Is it easy to read and understand?
• Is it impactful? Does it stand out and catch your eye?
• Is it meaningful? Does it support your organizations goals and objectives?
• Is it differentiated enough from your ‘competition’?
• Is it authentic? Does it feel genuine and appropriate for what you do, who you do it for and who you want to reach?
• Does it have long lasting value? Will it stand the test of time, and look just as fresh in several years as it does now?
• Is it flexible? Will it work across different media, such as your website, business card, tote bag, Power Point slide, neck label on clothes, email newsletter?
• Will it work for you both in colour and in black and white?


Standard Poly Bags and basic content care labels are included. We do however strongly recommend purchasing biodegradable Poly Bags separately, which can be ordered from ECOFAB.

Artwork and ready print files for content care labels must be provided to the factory. We produce all kinds of packaging and trims specialising in sustainable options.
**Please note, some products may not yet be offered on our website, however it does not mean we do non’t have them, just tell your Project manger what you are after and we most likely will have it!

Please be aware that all labelling and packaging should be confirmed along with the final handovers (tech pack) , and the physical items must arrive prior to sewing in bulk production start. Failure to deliver on time, may hold up production, in which case, your project may go back in line whilst the workers that was scheduled fo your production will move on to next project.

For us to calculte a look book design quote, please prepare a LOOKBOOK DESIGN BRIEF
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