The Visionsie team may assist with guidance and resources to assist in reducing risk, however it is the Clients final responsibility to approve samples to proceed to bulk production as well as the final decision to dispatch bulk product. See more about how Visionsie can assist with the quality of your product here: QUALITY

SAMPLE QC: Samples must be thoroughly tested by the Client before bulk production is approved to commence. A report along with the final approved samples to use as reference for the bulk production must be provided the Factory with a copy to Visionise.

BULK QC: The Factories will use internal quality control processes, however, in order to eliminate risk and ensure any issues are corrected before bulk product is shipped out, we recommend to request shipping samples (all orders) and / or a 3’rd party Quality Control (pending the size of the order).

If any discrepancies are reported during QC:

A) Before goods are shipped: the Client / third party QC firm will need to provide a clear report to Visionise / the Manufacturer to help rectify the issue before shipping the goods. Timeline delay’s as result of QC and correction may occur, this should ideally be considered as a possible risk allocated for, we recommend to not plan any launch dates too close to the EST delivery dates.

B) After goods are shipped and received: The Manufacturer reserves the right to reject any compensation claims after bulk has shipped. Any QC claims after bulk shipment are to be handled direct between the Client and the Manufacturer. All liability lies with the Manufacturer.

Before booking a 3’d party inspection, this must be communicated and agreed upon with the manufacturer first.
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