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As part of Step 1 of our Project Package Service we include a meeting with a marketing agent. In this meeting she will guide you through some marketing strategies and discuss what may suit your brand best.
Hot Tip!
In order to get the most out of your 1 hour meeting with our marketing specialist, we need you to do a little bit homework first.  Please complete the below form and submit it before your meeting.
Please complete as much as you can, you will also be working on this with the guidance of your marketing agent. However, the more you can prepare, the more strategising you will get done in your meeting.
Once you have completed as much as you can, please BOOK your meeting: marketing@visionise.com.au

We have put together a range of Marketing Workshops which have been created to be tailored to each individual brand’s needs. We are often asked questions about how to launch, what to post about on social media, how to build a database, how to grow your business, or should you go on sale. So, we decided the best way to prepare you for marketing your business is to create relevant topical workshops that are tailored to your fashion brand’s needs and positioning in the industry.


Website development is of course absolutely necessary for your brand, we offer Shopify website development with your web developer as well as some templates to explore below. 
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