Every brand is different and there are many elements that can alter the cost of starting your brand. For a small start-up collection of about 6 styles we usually say to expect about $20 000 USD in bulk production costs. Then a minimum of $10 000 AUD for start-up services such as design, branding, website, marketing and anything else your brand may need to reach its potential. 

 We certainly do! All we need from you to quote your product is a tech pack. If you don’t have a tech pack that is ok, we can create one for you. 

 A tech pack is your design blue print and the tool used to by manufactures to interpret your style in order to quote its cost, create the sample and produce the garment. It is important to have high quality tech packs to reduce wasting time and costs in the development stage. Get in touch if you need help with your tech packs, we are happy to help. 

 Yes, that is fine! Please keep in mind it is important to have high quality tech packs and fit reports to avoid issues in sampling and bulk production. If you don’t have experience in offshore production, we recommended working with one of our designers to complete these steps. 

Unfortunately, we don’t. Manufacturers run at a loss in the sample stage with all of the back and forth of getting the sample correct. They do this in order to build the relationship with your brand and secure bulk production. If you move into sampling with the Manufacturers we connect you to, you must have bulk intention. 

Lead times vary depending on the factory and the fabric availability. Once we have a better idea of your styles, we will be able to provide you with an estimate for sample + bulk lead times. On average it usually takes 4 weeks for sampling, and 45 days for bulk production. 

Yes we do! We believe in transparency in the production process. As a brand you should be aware of where your product is being made and have the opportunity to go to the factory. Once you have confirmed to move into sampling (Step 2) we provide you with full factory details.