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Fashion Design

Concept Design

Do you have incredible ideas but no idea how to express them in design form? This is how your design concept is born! Work with one of our Senior Designers on your vision and she will make it a reality. Book in a chat with a designer to go over your ideas and the best way to move forward for your brand.

Tech Packs

A tech pack is your design blueprint and vital in the development and production of your collection. Visionise tech packs have been carefully created to be precise, informative and easily understood by offshore manufacturers. Tech Packs are costed on complexity (time spent) ranging between $280 per style to $490 per style. Complete the below Design Handover in order to receive a quote.

Print & Trim Design

The identity of a brand is often recognised by the finer details, such as unique trims and print design. We will create complete design files based on your idea, and produce the finished printed material or custom trims.


Surface – Yardage – Print   /   Design /   Embroidery design   /   Laser cutting design   /   Applique design   /   Hardware design

Branding Design

Branding is the DNA of your company, it is how you are remembered and recognised. It is also a way in which your customer aligns themselves with you, tone, style, colour are all taken into account for your branding. We assist with everything from the branding design to the attachment of the branding to your garment.


Logo   /   Branding /   Packaging   /   Swing ticket-labels   /   Lookbook   /   Web design including size chart & policies

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